The Capitals of the United States

Alabama = Montgomery, Alaska = Juneau, Arizona = Phoenix, Arkansas = Little Rock, California = Sacramento, Colorado = Denver, Connecticut = Hartford, Delaware = Dover, Florida = Tallahassee, Georgia = Atlanta, Hawaii = Honolulu, Idaho = Boise, Illinois = Springfield, Indiana = Indianapolis, Iowa = Des Moines, Kansas = Topeka, Kentucky = Frankfort, Louisiana = Baton Rogue, Maine = Augusta, Maryland = Annapolis, Massachusetts = Boston, Michigan = Lansing, Minnesota = St. Paul, Mississippi = Jackson, Missouri = Jefferson City, Montana = Helena Nebraska = Lincoln, Nevada = Carson City, New Hampshire = Concord, New Jersey = Trenton, New Mexico = Santa Fe, New York = Albany, North Carolina = Raleigh, North Dakota = Bismark, Ohio = Columbus, Oklahoma = Oklahoma City, Oregon = Salem, Pennsylvania = Harrisburg, Rhode Island = Providence, South Carolina = Columbia, South Dakota = Pierre, Tennessee = Nashville, Texas = Austin, Utah = Salt Lake City, Vermont = Montpeleir, Virginia = Richmond, Washington = Olympia, West Virginia = Charleston, Wisconsin = Madison, Wyoming = Cheynne

Liechtenstein Project


Liechtenstein is 61 square miles. The upper country is called the Oberland and the lower country is called the Unterland. Liechtenstein borders Switzerland on the south and west and Austria on the north and east. Liechtenstein has many landforms like the Rhine River and valley and the Swiss Alps. The Longitude and Latitude of Liechtenstein is 47° 10′ 0″ N / 9° 31′ 59″ E.



Liechtenstein’s average winter temperature is 5  F. The average summer temperature is between 68  and 82  F.  Since it is so cold and snowy in the winter, people in Liechtenstein love to ski there. In the summer it is the perfect temperature so people from Liechtenstein and other countries love to take tours of the place.



In Liechtenstein there are 3,650 Enterprises that produce 34,000 jobs. Most of the jobs in Liechtenstein are held by commuters from Switzerland and Austria. The GDP of Liechtenstein is $4.16 billion (2007). Many big businesses try to take advantage of Liechtenstein’s low taxes.



Liechtenstein is a principality so it has a parliament. The parliament has 25 members. Liechtenstein’s government type is    constitutional monarchy. The Capital of Liechtenstein is Vaduz. The constitution was est. on October 5, 1921 and amended September 15, 2003. The current prince of Liechtenstein is Prince Hans-Adams II. The current Prime Minister of Liechtenstein is Klaus Tschutscher.



In Liechtenstein there are 3,650 Enterprises that produce 34,000 jobs. Most of the jobs in Liechtenstein are held by commuters from Switzerland and Austria. The GDP of Liechtenstein is $4.16 billion (2007). Many big businesses try to take advantage of Liechtenstein’s low taxes.



 Liechtenstein is a very small country and has a very interesting culture. There language is German. Most Liechtensteiners are Roman Catholics. The school district there is divided into secondary and primary schools, before Liechtensteiners had to go to Switzerland to finish secondary school, but not anymore but, they do have to go to Switzerland to finish College. Private schools get Government funding as well. Liechtenstein’s breakfast is called Zmorga, lunch is called Zmittag, and dinner is called Znacht.



The population of Liechtenstein is 35,891[Jan. 1st 2010. The average age rate is 41.4 [Male 40.8 and Female 41.9].



      In 1719 Liechtenstein gets its name. In 1866 it becomes an independent nation. In 1921 they adopted the Swiss Currency. In 1939 World War II breaks out Liechtenstein stays neutral. In 1989 Prince Hans-Adams II becomes the ruling prince. In 1990 Liechtenstein joins the United Nations. In 1991 Liechtenstein joins European Free Trade Association.   

Snow Days!

Snow Days, that’s what Monday and Tuesday were for S.M.S.D. I played in the snow on Monday and watched Star- Wars IV New Hope. I did a ritual for snow days, first you wear your pajamas,then run around the table 5 times, and put a spoon under your pillow.

The Presidents of the U.S.A. in Order

1.George Washington 2.John Adams 3.Thomas Jefferson 4.James Madison 5.James Monroe 6.John Quincy Adams 7.Andrew Jackson 8.Martin Van Buren 9.William Henry Harrison 10.John Tyler 11.James K. Polk 12.Zachary Taylor 13.Millard Fillmore 14.Franklin Peirce 15.James Buchanan 16.Abraham Lincoln 17.Andrew Johnson 18.Ulysses S. Grant 19.Rutherford B. Hayes 20.James A. Garfield 21.Chester Arthur 22.Grover Cleveland 23.Benjamin Harrison 24.Grover Cleveland 25.William McKinley 26.Theodore Roosevelt 27.William Howard Taft 28.Woodrow Wilson 29. Warren G. Harding 30.Calvin Coolidge 31.Herbert Hoover 32.Franklin D. Roosevelt 33.Harry S. Truman 34.Dwight D. Eisenhower 35.John F. Kennedy 36.Lyndon B. Johnson 37.Richard Nixon 38.Gerald Ford 39.Jimmy Carter 40.Ronald Raagan 41. George W. Bush 42.Bill Clinton 43.George W.H. Bush 44.Barack Obama

Milk Graph



I wanted to know what favorite kinds of milk my class liked so I took a survey and made a graph. This is what I came up with. Here are some questions.



1.What was the most favorite type of milk in my class?

 2.What was the least favorite type of milk?

3.How many more students like chcolate than strawberry?

4.How many more students like strawberry than white?

 5.How many more students like chocolate than white?


 Look  for  the answers  in the comments.



I’m Gifted Now

     I’m gifted now which means that I probably can understand  things a lot better.  I am really good[gifted] with math. I amalso really good[gifted] with reading. Though, it is sometimes hard. You get bored when you do regular school wook,you expect yourself to be perfect[your not], and your teacher might think your a pest because you know all the answers to the questions. Sometimes it can be a hard time being a gifted student.


      I have been doing a lot of tests to see what it means to be Gifted. One test said I was the color green,which means that I am an out of the box thinker on the job. according to Meyers Briggs test I am a INTJ which is The Scientist. Other people  that are INTJ are Susan B. Anthony, John F. Kennedy, and Woodrow Wilson.